The impact of mindfulness-based prenatal yoga on mindfulness and prenatal maternal attachment during pregnancy

Research has shown that maternal attachment is important during pregnancy. A 10-week Mindfulness- based Prenatal Yoga (MBPY) program, communicated in Spanish, was offered to Latina pregnant women. This study examined the effectiveness of this MBPY program on prenatal maternal attachment and mindfulness levels throughout pregnancy. A total of 14 women were part of the study. The participants scores were gathered at two different times, baseline (time 1) and at the end of the program (time 2). Data were collected using the Prenatal Attachment Inventory to measure attachment, and the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire to measure mindfulness. Participants’ prenatal attachment and mindfulness scores increased significantly from baseline (time1) to program conclusion (time 2).The results for this study indicate that mindfulness-based programs are an effective intervention that might help increase mindfulness during pregnancy. Mindfulness-based yoga practice may help participants who are reluctant to seek traditional treatment to engage in these practice; due to the immediate benefit they would experience in term of reduced pain. Due to the exploratory nature of the study, future research can replicate this study with a large sample size because it would allow generalization to the Latino culture and will add to the knowledge base of mindfulness-based interventions.