Providing knowledge and support to foster parents

Based on a study conducted by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2013), foster parent turn over rates are influenced by the experiences with child welfare agencies, personal circumstances, and potential difficulties with foster children. Thus, this thesis project seeks to develop a brochure that can serve as a resource for foster parents, providing important information about preventing burn out, providing resources and ultimately retaining foster parents. As Danielson and Lee (2009) explain, with better recruitment, preparation, and support for foster families it is possible to break this vicious cycle of high turn over rates in foster parents. In addition to creating the brochure, a feedback survey was created and piloted to assess the usefulness and design of the brochure. For the objective of this project, surveys were administered to mental health professionals (e.g., licensed therapists) and current foster parents. A total of ten people completed the survey; this included eight mental health professionals and two foster parents. The responses from the feedback survey were analyzed to gain the reviewer's perspective on the usefulness and overall organization of the brochure.