The purpose of utilizing the novel as a basis for this thesis is to connect the competing theory, philosophy, and, especially social criticism used in the Humanities. Rather than applying these concepts in the abstract, the novel format allows for a more tangible and cohesive application of such concepts. Sunday deals with a large scope of themes, and considers each of them through the format of a first person, stream-of-consciousness narrative. The story of Sunday takes place in a fictional, hyper-satirical, American city in which contemporary mythos and ideology is purposefully accentuated. Ultimately, by emphasizing generally obscured power structures to the point of satire, they are brought to their universalizing conclusions. The major theme of Sunday, and by association the theme that the protagonists’ inner-monologues are most focused around, is how and why the monolithic ideologies of the present swallow the particularities of existence and impose themselves onto subjective experience.