Spanish for Spanish Speakers Curriculum

Many Spanish speaking students that are capable of passing the Spanish Advanced Placement exam often cannot do so because they are not placed in the correct Spanish classes, or are not presented with the opportunity to develop their native language at their full capacity. My goal for this project is to learn how to implement Spanish Language Development effectively. My guiding questions for this project include: What are the best practices for language acquisition? and how can a curriculum be designed for Spanish for Spanish speakers? The purpose of the project is to create a high school Spanish for Spanish speakers curriculum at levels 1-5, with levels four and five being Advanced Placement courses. The curriculum includes pacing guides, units, lessons and teaching resources for all five levels (5 year curriculum). The curriculum is used in a Spanish Language Development program with Advanced Placement examination. The passing rates for all of the students that take the Advanced Placement examination are in the 90%. This has been the passing rate for six consecutive years. The curriculum will be a useful model for other schools to implement.