Direct simple shear testing of soft cohesive soils

The purpose of the thesis is to determine the mechanical properties of a soft cohesive soil know as Kaolin (Peerless 2) clay, running a static direct simple shear (DSS) test using the GEOCOMP ShearTrac-II cyclic direct simple shear apparatus. The thesis will provide an overview of testing through DSS using the Stress History and Normalized Soil Engineering Properties (SHANSEP) method with a discussion on the role the frictional resistance of the DSS device plays on DSS testing methods. The thesis includes a comparison of DSS undrained shear strength values with previously conducted DSS tests on the same material and device. The thesis also includes a comparison with published undrained shear strength values, providing a range of undrained shear strength values for the same Kaolin (Peerless 2) material. This thesis is part of a larger study presented to the U.S. Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center in Port Hueneme, California.