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The Relevance of The Congressional Black Caucus

The congressional black caucus is seen as the leading legislative advocate for African Americans in government. Before the Civil Rights Act of 1964, African Americans were excluded from the political process and consequently treated as a sub-group disassociated from the general populace of America. Later in 1971, during the high point of Black Power movements, when African Americans desired political influence and demanded the government advocate for the needs of the black community the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) formally emerged, numerous civil and economic, legislative causes are supported. The existence of the CBC and the proliferation of racially based caucuses raises issues seldom examined in literature in the legal process. My topic contributes to American politics by evaluating if the congressional black makes a contribution to the black community or is merely a symbolic organization with limited influence. This paper if black legislators make a distinctive impact in Congress as the engine prescribed as the voice for blacks, ensuring that that African Americans have an equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream. The methodology for this thesis is a simple quantitative and qualitative study. In order to test the research question, it is essential to evaluate if there is significant correlation to the frequency of legislation addressing salient issue of black America and the Congressional Black Caucus during the Obama Administration. to test this relationship, I will use bill introduction to test the number of times members of the 111th - 114th congress propose legislation themed around the CBC agenda: Voter Rights Restoration, Criminal justice reform, social safety net programs, investment in black colleges, and workforce diversity. Many scholars argue black legislator should be more effective during the Administration of the first African American President. However, I disagree and my goal is the prove the CBC is a symbolic organization and does not successfully implement their agenda. In order to express this, I will use the library of congress database to look through the congressional record and target legislation prescribed within the CBC agenda. My original data will use descriptive statistics by evaluating the behaviors of CBC members and non- members in the United States Congress is essential to identifying distinction of African American representatives. Specifically, the spreadsheet will be organized into five categories, 1 voter right, 2 criminal justice reform, 3 social wellness programs, 4. Investment into HBCU's, 5 workforce diversity. Then this spreadsheet, will be inputted into SPSS. to measure my data, I will look at the variables to determine if CBC members propose a larger quantity social justice legislation. I will collect the total number of legislators who support similar policies and create a ratio showing the similarity of CBC members.


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