Masters Thesis

Iron content of edible flowers.

Flowers and herbs have had a recent come back as ingredients for foods and medicines. Little has been known until very recently about the nutrient composition and the active chemical components of these foods. Yet the vast folklore surrounding the use of herbs in many cultures suggests that they contain health-giving properties. A study done at California State University. Fresno, by M. Urive in spring 1974 showed that flowers in various food products are well-accepted by some people. He also determined by chemical analysis that many common edible flowers are good sources of vitamin C. Stimulated by this initial project and by a natural interest in the use of herbs in medicine and cuisine, this researcher has continued the investigation into their nutrient composition. Iron was chosen as the substance to be determined because of the need for good and inexpensive sources of that nutrient in our diets. Evidence gathered from many countries indicates a widespread occurrence of iron deficiency all over the world.