Graduate project

A survey of involvement of CSUN deaf undergraduates in university leisure activities and organizations

The purpose of this paper is to indicate major activities available on the CSUN campus, to indicate degree to which deaf persons engage in major activities, and to provide information for counselors concerning students' extra curriculum interests. Three research questions are as follows: 1. To what degree is there participation by hearing-impaired students enrolled in CSUN in leisure activities offered by the university? 2. To what degree are hearing-impaired students at CSUN familiar with the various activities offered by the university? 3. To what degree will hearing-impaired students participate in student activities if other hearing-impaired persons are or are not also participating? Twenty-nine clubs and organizations, eighteen leisure activities and sixteen sports which appear to be the most beneficial and the most popular with undergraduate deaf students were listed in a questionnaire. This questionnaire was sent to eighty-two students. Responses were received from fifty-nine undergraduates out of eighty-two, or 72%. This was considered a very excellent return. The final conclusion is that hearing-impaired students at California State University, Northridge are not participating to the fullest extent in the activities that are offered at the university.