Co-teaching, the power of two

School districts today are faced with federal laws that encourage full inclusion for students with learning disabilities. School districts need a systematic blue print for implementing a full inclusion program. Co-teaching is a full inclusion service delivery model for students with disabilities, which can provide a school district a manner by which to reach full inclusion while supporting all students in the general education classroom. Implementation of a five-year blue print for co-teaching will be a way of setting up yearly goals for a co-teaching program, starting with recruiting individuals who are interesting in pursuing this kind of program, setting up a pilot program, training teachers in the various modes of co-teaching, and providing reflective teaching practices which will lead to practices which are effective to improving student learning. Goals for the program can be set forth for a school district, which will create a learning atmosphere that would benefit all students. Finally, common planning time and ongoing professional development that creates for a reflective teaching environment will help ensure the successful implementation of full inclusion for all students utilizing co-teaching.