The association between learning ability, socioeconomic status, delinquency history, and gang affiliation among juvenile offenders

Thesis (M.S.W.) California State University, Los Angeles, 2012

Committee members: Raquel Warley, Susan Crimmins, Dale Weaver

The purpose of the proposed study is to determine the strength of the relationship between learning ability, socioeconomic status, gang affiliation, and delinquency. The study specifically targets juvenile delinquents, who are detained at the Central Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles County. The study will consist of an all male sample with 108 participants who will be assessed for learning disabilities. A stratified sampling method will be used in order to acquire a racial/ethnic sample that is representative of the Los Angeles County population. A multivariate analysis will be conducted in order to learn more about the relationship among these four variables.

Delinquency, Education, Gang Affiliation, Learning Abilities, Learning Disabilities, Socioeconomic Status