Improving communication and services for Ventura County secondary reading teachers

A need for improved communication between the director of secondary education and secondary reading teachers in Ventura county and inservice education which could be provided for them resulted in this study. A questionnaire was mailed to 57 reading teachers in Ventura County to determine: (1) preservice and inservice education, (2) professional development (3) teachers’ reading programs, and (4) teachers’ problems and needs. The close –form and open-form questions were tabulated on a categorical data chart. The data revealed: (1) a majority of the respondents had taught reading for six years or less and had attended three or fewer inservice training sessions in the last three years, (2) few were members of professional reading organizations or read the journals of these organizations, (3) a majority indicated specific help was needed in methods and skill building but expressed willingness to attend workshops only on school-released time, and (4) answers to open- form questions reinforced the assumption that communication was needed with the Director and with other secondary reading teachers. Based on the review of available, pertinent literature and on the responses to the questionnaires, recommendations were made in the areas of communication, inservice education, and professional growth.