Masters Thesis

A program evaluation for the faculty and staff initiative for student success

The fundraising CSUB faculty and staff campaign was made to raise awareness of giving on the CSUB campus by faculty and staff. President Horace Mitchell of California State University, Bakersfield invited all CSUB faculty and staff to participate in an Initiative that encourages the faculty and staff to support student success. Student success at CSUB is considered giving to any department or program that helps the students education and experience at CSUB. Supporting student success at CSUB was a drive that took place in 2014-2015 to raise funds for different departments and programs on campus. The objectives and Initiative goals for the 2014-2015 Faculty and Staff Initiative to Support Student Success were:  Recognize faculty and staff that currently support CSUB  Develop a greater awareness of CSUB initiatives and the potential impact of philanthropy on students and faculty  Increase the number of on-campus donors  Promote the benefits of a culture of philanthropy  Create a celebratory campaign that people want to join  Provide every CSUB employee an opportunity to give This drive had 39 representatives from various departments on campus that served as Champions of their area. The Champions attended weekly meetings and were leaders of the drive. The Champions were familiar faces to the other faculty and staff on campus that represented University Advancement. Fundraising is rough, when raising funds for an institution. But the development staff of University Advancement found a way to create an inviting, fun, and eventful campaign. In this program evaluation you will see results of other universities and see the results of CSUB. The development staff first realized the problem when they saw that the giving levels at CSUB from faculty and staff were decreasing from the six-year span of 2007-2013. Upon realizing the problem, the development team planned for a fundraising campaign to increase giving for the fiscal year 2014-2015. This was a huge accomplishment for the development staff. Internally, the development team wanted to reach a participation rate of faculty and staff of 25%, but total participation rate was 22.9%. In conclusion, the goal of the campaign was accomplished: to increase funds raised and increase participation for the 2013-2014 versus 2014-2015 fiscal year. CSUB in the upcoming years strives to increase total funds raised per year, as well as, participation rate by faculty and staff. Overall, this campaign will create a habit of giving.

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