Positive Behavior Support Strategies for Classroom Teachers and Paraeducators

A school is a complex environment in which school staff has an immense responsibility to meet the needs of all students. Students come to school with a variety of strengths, backgrounds, and level of readiness for meeting behavior and academic expectations. In order to ensure that all students are “ready to learn” both academic content and how to be a kind, safe, and productive citizens, a School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) system is necessary. This product that is the product of this project, an informational resource entitled School-Wide Positive Behavior Supports, was designed to provide general education teachers, paraeducators, and administrators with an overview of SWPBS and specific strategies for implementing a SWPBS system. The six-paged resource includes information on whole-school behavior expectations, proactive strategies and interventions for general education personnel to use every day, particular strategies such as the Check In, Check Out procedure and the Stop, Think, Plan, Make it Right reflective student accountability script for following up with behaviors in a consistent, positive manner. The researcher’s goal is to make this resource available to personnel within and outside of her school district in order to empower educators to create safe and nurturing classroom climates, increase student self-control, and reduce student referral out of the general education classroom due to disruptive behavior.