Self-Management Systems for Student Motivation and Self-Efficacy

The guiding question for this project was, What is a user-friendly self-management intervention handbook for teachers that can impact student motivation and self efficacy in order to increase academic achievement and promote independence for students with identified special needs and/or behavioral challenges? The methodology for creating this project involved extensive research and direct experience of using self-management interventions that support students with identified special needs in accessing their learning. The author examined empirical studies, curriculum resources, and various self-management behavior interventions with the purpose of determining ways in which self-management interventions can impact and develop motivation and self-efficacy for students who are introduced to the self-management tools included in the product of this project, a handbook for teachers entitled, The Leader in Me Self-Management System Handbook for Elementary Educators. Included in the handbook are chapters on the seven habits of happy students, sample self and match tools for motivating students using the 7 habits, and how to customize and use the Self and Match for a particular student.