Resurgence of the Cold War: A Continuation of the Conflict Between the United States and the Russian Federation

For the greater part of the twentieth century the United States and the Union of Soviet Socalist Republics (USSR) were the two superpowers governing the world’s agenda. Due to vastly differing political and ideological agendas a war unlike any seen before developed between the two superpowers. The Cold War was a period of political turmoil and tension between the U.S. and USSR from 1945 till 1991. Then at the height of it all, due to economic and political reforms, the USSR collapsed during 1991. Out of the ruin came the newly named Russian Federation. Despite a new constitution for the government and a privatized economy, the Russian’s political agenda has not changed and has continued its predecessors aggressive policies. The Cold War has reemerged with the same key players, causing senseless deaths and excessive political turmoil.