If we are on the same page, we can make a difference: prosocial motivation, shared mental model and conflict management

Scholars have researched prosocial motivation, conflict management and mental models separately but have yet to combine these concepts in one study to understand the effects of their relationship on achieving objectives. Prosocial motivation is the desire to benefit others. Perspective taking, as a creation of prosocial motivation, helps explain how individuals work through conflict to reach their goals. I propose that prosocial motivation will lead to positive conflict management outcomes when individuals work as a team and have a shared mental model. Individuals working as part of a team completed questionnaires asking them about their motivation, perspectives, team mental models, and conflict management strategies. This research focuses on a growing trend in business called social entrepreneurship in the small business sector and social responsibility in corporations. The results will contribute to ongoing research on prosocial motivation, which will help organizations understand how to identify untapped motivation in their workforce.