Masters Thesis

Utilizing social media to increase student engagement: a study of Kern County public schools

Social media has permeated almost every aspect of the lives of anyone who utilizes the internet. Teachers and students are no exception. Students are most likely to use social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. This research focuses on best practices related to augmenting school curriculum to utilize these tools to increase student engagement which is critical in taking the education of school-age children to the next level. Some research shows that children today spend an inordinate amount of time, upwards of 40+ hours weekly, interacting with social media. Educators must embrace this new technology and find new ways to integrate social media into the classroom, because they will be more able to connect with children in a medium that they are utilizing daily; thus increasing their engagement. Although some problems such as digital divide and other limitations do exist, this cannot be a deterrent to utilizing this type of new technology.

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