Self Assessment

A New Wave of Activism

Millennials are often misrepresented in the media as self indulgent and apathetic towards politics. Contrary to this narrative, millennials are a major political force and are one of the most diverse generations. In order to challenge these statements, a survey of 937 respondents located in Southern California has been conducted. We recruited a wide range of students from different demographics and our sample uniquely features an often overlooked population of Latinx and Asian respondents. Our research finds that millennials feel strongly about several issues including Black Lives Matter, immigration issues, women's rights, gun reform, and healthcare. Our preliminary findings show that there is a misconception when it comes to millennial political engagement. Millennials appear apathetic because of their low participation in rallies; however, millennials engage politically on different platforms when compared to baby boomers and previous generations. We look at the rise and influence of social media and how it has affected this new generation's political activism.