Leadership Approaches and the Effect on Nonprofit Organization Information Communication Networks

This research project proposal has been designed to analyze the effect that transformational and transactional leadership approaches have on information communication networks within nonprofit organizations. Through time, nonprofits have become a crucial part of the public sector because of the supplemented services not provided within the public sector. To expand on this research proposal, this paper will cover a project introduction and nonprofit sector background, a review of the literature, discuss the research gap and aim, and the methodology used to conduct this research. Research exploring leadership approaches in the public sector is limited, especially for nonprofit organizations. More commonly, studies analyze the effects of leadership approaches on specific outcomes, but is limited in regards to communication. To further explore this topic, a comparative case study, using qualitative methodologies, will be used. This research study proposal will explore the relationship between leadership approaches and information communication networks. Semi-structured interviews and group observations will be the primary tools to collect data for this study. To conclude our study, we will analyze the expected results and its application to the public and nonprofit sector.