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Graduate recital in voice

Che dite, o miei pensieri by Antonio Caldara is a typical example of the chamber cantata form of the Middle Baroque period. It contains two da capo arias of contrasting character, each preceded by a recitative. The aria Meta di voi gua vadano from the opera Don Giovanni by W.A. Mozart is an action aria. The overall form of this aria is A(abcba)B(de)-coda which provides for a large variety of dramatic expression. The first three songs by Gustav Mahler are settings of poems by Frederick Ruckert. The forth (Der Tamboursg'sell) is from the collection Des Knaben Wunderhorn. Surprise shifts between major and minor tonalities, rich harmonies, key changes, and shifting metric patterns are some of the more obvious characteristics to be found in these songs. The five songs by Arthur Bliss are part of his collection Seven American Poems. They include short settings of poems by Elinor Wylie and Edna St. Vincent Millay. Although they appear to have atonal elements in them, they are merely tonal pieces which contain, at times, severe chromatic alterations. (See more in text.)