Performance analysis for a double-threshold detection radar

This report presents an alternative method for analyzing the performance of a double threshold or M-out-of-N detector. Detection performance for the suggested method is based on the probability that a return crosses the threshold for the Mth time(detection is declared) on the Kth return or look. It is shown that this formulation requires less time to compute, as compared with the conventional method of analysis which employes the binomial probability distribution, since the upper limit N is not contained in the resulting probability expressions. In this paper, the equation for the alternative method of analysis is derived and the M-out-of-N detection· algorithm is defined. The detection performance is calculated using this equation and plotted for different values of detection and false alarm probabilities. Also, a comparison is made with performance curves for noncoherent integration for the special case of the non-fluctuating target and swerling cases II.