Masters Thesis

Addressing the challenges faced by the Bakersfield Sikh Community

The purpose of this study was to address the challenges faced by Bakersfield Sikh community in receiving preventative care by developing information materials that can be available to the Bakersfield Gurdwaras. A brochure was created based on the recommendations made by previous graduate students to assist the Sikh community in understanding and obtaining health care in United States. The brochure included five steps to better understand the western health care system. The first step included asking for an interpreter. The second step involved knowing where to go for health care needs. The third step comprised of taking a health education class to gain a better understanding of one’s health. The fourth step included telling all the truth to the health professional so that they can provide the best possible care. The fifth step consisted of planning health for lifetime to live a happy and healthy life. The brochure will be distributed at the Guru Angad Darbar Gurdwara (place for worship) located on 8100 Stine Road in Bakersfield, California. Three recommendations were made for this research project. Recommendation One included scheduling a follow-up focus group to identify if the brochure’s purpose was accomplished. Recommendation Two included replenishment of the brochures to help ensure everyone benefits from this project. Recommendation Three consisted of requesting a grant from the Kern County Public Health Department to cover the expenses to produce the brochure.

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