Are they sluts? The relationship between sorority membership, sociosexual orientation, social norms and alcohol use

This thesis examined whether sorority and non-sorority women differed in their sociosexual orientation, or willingness to engage in casual sex. In addition, alcohol consumption and social norms were examined as potential mediators of this difference. There was no difference in sociosexual orientation; however, a significant difference was found between the number of sexual partners of sorority women and non-sorority in the past twelve months. Sorority women had a slightly higher of sexual partners and were also found to consume more alcohol. Social norms also differed significantly between the two groups; sorority women perceived their peers as having more unrestricted sociosexual orientations than non-sorority women. In addition, both alcohol consumption and social norms were found to be significantly correlated to the number of sexual partners of a sorority woman, and significantly mediated the difference in number of sexual partners between sorority and nonsorority women. In conclusion, being part of a Greek organization may be related to higher alcohol consumption and perceptions of peers having an unrestricted sociosexual orientation, which may then be related to sexual behaviors.