Graduate project

Job placement and deaf individuals

This study explored the relationship between Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf and the job placement services and techniques available to deaf persons in the state of California. A review of literature regarding the occupational status of deaf adults was conducted. It was determined that in contrast to the general hearing population the deaf have been heavily overrepresented in clerical, semi-skilled, and unskilled occupations or underrepresented in the professional, semi-professional and skilled occupations. A questionnaire concerning job placement practices was sent to 39 RCD's throughout California, It was revealed that RCD�s in the state use local, state, and national labor market projections in their placement planning. In addition, the survey identified numerous job placement agencies and services which appear to be available to deaf clients, but are not due to a lack of personnel trained in communication with potential deaf clients. Finally, the survey identifies numerous agencies that work cooperatively with the RCD's in the job placement process. The need for additional research on the topic of job placement for deaf individuals was emphasized and several potential topics of study were proposed.