Corrosion Susceptibility of an Additively Manufactured Al-Si-Mg Alloy

The corrosion behavior of additively manufactured Al-10 wt% Si-0.5 wt% Mg ("AISi10Mg") produced by the laser powder bed fusion technique was investigated. The AISi10Mg was built utilizing recycled powders. Two sets of build parameters were employed. Both alloys were hot isostatically pressed followed by a solutionizing and aging process. Optical and scanning electron microscopy were utilized to characterize the materials before and after electrochemical testing. General and localized electrochemical testing was conducted in Harrison's solution. The electrochemical tests included open circuit voltage, linear polarization resistance, potentiodynamic polarization and cyclic potentiodynamic polarization measurements. Scanning droplet cell microscopy and scanning vibrating electrode techniques were also utilized to characterize the material interactions with the environment.


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