Young Women Living with Heart Failure

The purpose of this qualitative study was to develop a deeper understanding of the factors that influence young women with chronic heart failure within a specific age group. A descriptive qualitative design using content analysis identified five major themes on young women's experiences living with heart failure: Emotional Concerns, Lack of Social Support, Lack of Adherence, Personal Factors, and Knowledge Deficit. Young women were often not diagnosed and treated for heart disease because both health care providers and these women lacked knowledge on heart falure in young women. Women ere thought of as needy, seeking attention and there was a definite lack of support by both family/friends and the health care community. The lack of social support contributed to lack of adherence to the medical plan of care. Personal issues contributed to disease process. Having heart failure was difficult for young women; frustration and depresson were a common occurrence. Further research is needed on young women with heart failure to better understand the health care needs of this segment of the population with heart failure.