Project Hydrone

Our project consists of creating an autonomous sailboat system that can navigate the Napa River. We will be turning a Cal 20 sailboat into an autonomous boat using a pixhawk controller, an electronic winch, and a linear actuator. The system will be tested in a controlled environment with safety precautions in place. Every aspect of the autonomous system will be tested, ranging from how long its batteries can last to how strong our winch is. We will be starting our testing with a small 3d printed boat N3m0. This will show the basic concept of making an autonomous motorboat. From there we will create an autonomous model sailboat to demonstrate the autonomous sailing capabilities of our pixhawk controller. Lastly, we will fully implement the autonomous system on the Cal 20. This will require a combined effort of making a communication system, a working rudder and tiller, programing the sailing parameters, and powering the sailboat. This project will model a self-sustaining clean energy research vessel.