Collaborating with Parents to Establish a Better Home-School Connection

Collaborating with parents to establish a better home-school connection is tantamount to academic success. Teachers and administrators often search for effective ways to involve parents in their children’s education. Venues, such as workshops, can provide an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to interact in a positive manner. The purpose of this project was to determine whether or not using Parents’ Workshops could increase parental collaboration and promote a better home-school connection. This project focused on improving collaboration with Latino families to develop more positive communication between parents and educators during their child’s academic years. Furthermore, it aimed to show how Latino parents could be taught to help their children to achieve academic success. The workshops were designed to teach Spanish-speaking Latino families how to help their child with Literacy tasks at home. The parents completed questionnaires and the information provided was analyzed to help improve future workshops. The workshops created a place where parents and children could interact with the teacher while learning about Literacy strategies. The importance of parental involvement in their child’s academic success became evident throughout the series of workshops. This project shows the benefits that can be obtained when schools collaborate with Spanish-speaking Latino parents to make a better home-school connection. Key words: English Learners, Home-School Collaboration, Latino Families, Literacy Workshop, Parental Involvement