Prospering Families: An Eight Week Child Maltreatment Prevention Program

A substantial percent of parents who are referred to San Diego County Child Welfare Services (CWS) for allegations of, child maltreatment do not receive an open case, but will be referred to CWS multiple times. Risk factors such as mental illness, a history of adverse childhood experiences, substance abuse, and domestic violence, are often present in the home when multiple referrals occur which could contribute to ongoing child maltreatment. This indicates a need for continuing services in the community that specifically target these risk factors. Further, knowledge of parenting skills and appropriate discipline, both behavior based and empowerment-based, will act as protective factors in preventing future child maltreatment. In an effort to prevent child maltreatment and multiple referrals to child welfare, a curriculum has been developed. Prospering Families: An Eight Week Child Maltreatment Prevention Program, is a voluntary program based on a trauma-informed approach that incorporates the Nurturing Parenting Model, with skills building and education about the common risk factors.