Inheritance is a collection of poetry that sets out to redefine the word “inheritance” through three sections. The first section of the collection follows the musical inheritance of the speaker and the impressions of family that have come before him. The narratives glimpse the history, the land, and the hardships of a generation separated in both time and place. The speaker’s inheritance can be seen as the music passed down from generations as well as the recording of the familial history in the form of poetry. In another way, this collection is asking readers to consider their bodies as an inheritance for the spirit. Implying philosophical and religious undertones, the second section focuses heavily on identity and on truly inquiring into our sense of who we think we are. The last section asks the reader to see the earth as a place of inheritance, a place they are inhabiting and becoming responsible for. It is asking readers to go out into the natural world and open their eyes and ears to the teachings of nature; it is asking them to find a home in it. As a whole, the collection is a meditation on the inevitable nature of transformation as it connects humanity with nature.