Fire Season

This narrative constitutes the present form of a work in progress, a novel that tells the story of a man rediscovering himself through the various social contexts he encounters following a decade of drug addiction. This project is an attempt to show reluctant storytellers emerging from silence and ignorance resulting from dislocations in their perception of reality. These are compound dislocations, of a social nature, rooted in each character's unique set of experiences coupled with their inability to speak about them; in effect, silenced to the point of constructing alternative realities that at times profoundly constrain social interaction. It is the main characters movement into societies' various discourses that forms the building blocks of self-realization and identification within a community. The project is based on personal experience. The fmal arrangement of these texts will be a fragmented collage that takes advantage of non-linear narratives occurring within a more loosely constructed linear narrative. The ideological underpinning of the narrative centers on the compliment between the western adage "know thy self' and the eastern axiom, "self-cultivation has no other method: extract its essence from your fellow man."