Graduate project

Handbook for institutions and teachers of long term English language learners

English Language Learners (ELLs) are the fastest growing student population in the nation (National Center for Education Statistics, 2017). Despite this, ELLs are not reclassifying or passing their states ELD test and are becoming Long Term English Language Learners (LTELLs) (Artigliere, 2019). This project aims to aid institutions and teachers of Long Term English Language Learners and give effective practices that can be used to support ELLs and LTELLs and help them reclassify. The project gives background knowledge on LTELLs and examines practices currently used to teach LTELLs. The handbook also presents effective institutional and teaching practices, sample lesson plans, frequently asked questions, and useful outside resources in order to aid institutions and teachers in helping ELLs and LTELLs reclassify. Some of the effective strategies include creating an ELD Blueprint, using equitable instructional materials/curriculum, and using effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing practices. This project can help institutions and teachers give ELLs and LTELLs the high quality instruction they deserve and help ELLs and LTELLs reclassify.