Masters Thesis

Home court advantage: a project plan for facilities improvement and expansion for CSUB athletics

College athletics programs bring publicity and notoriety to their universities. The best athletics programs provide an avenue for alumni to create a lasting bond with the university and foster a sense of pride among students and communities. Universities across the country are focused on attracting the best and brightest students. Those that are able to provide an exceptional student experience with assets such as top-notch athletics program and athletics facilities possess a clear recruiting advantage for student-athletes and students at large. Facilities are a critical part of success in college athletics. First class facilities serve as recruiting tools for coaches to attract the most talented student-athletes to their school and loyal fans to sporting events. This may lead to a growth cycle that brings better athletes and teams, a greater number of fans and higher revenues to any university. This may also lead to an opportunity to expand athletics facilities even further, providing a recruiting platform for better athletes and the expansion of other programs. California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) is a perfect example of a campus in need of facilities improvement. Improvements and expansion will make the University more attractive to student-athletes, leading to potential growth and significant progress in areas identified by university administration as priorities in the institution’s vision statement. This study will evaluate the current athletics facilities on the CSUB campus, determine needs for improvements of existing facilities in order to be competitive in Division I, and propose a facilities expansion plan that will take Roadrunner Athletics into the next decade in a position to recruit top student-athletes, and elevate the overall quality of the program.


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