Masters Thesis

Strengthening the health care workforce for older adults: an exploration of models and funding for social work

The purpose of this study was to explore training models and funding related to the health care workforce needs of those who serve an older adult population. Three main questions were addressed: What methods of training a health care workforce focused on serving older adults have been developed and implemented successfully?; How is workforce training funded?; and Is there a model of training and funding that is more successful in addressing the shortage of competent health care professionals that serve the older adult population? This research explored four training and funding models that were developed to increase workforce training in geriatrics. Data consisted of the narratives of key informants who provided in-depth descriptions of each program. Content analysis was used as the method using manifest content of the narratives. Categories and themes were pulled and compared to a successful program (Council on Medicine Education) and put in the context of social work. Federal policy such as Social Security Title XIX and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act are discussed as they apply to the results.


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