Financial Data Analytics as SaaS

The purpose of this thesis was to determine the viability of entering into the financial data analytics software as a hosted service (Software as a System, SaaS) business, specifically in terms of specialty monitoring. The goal was to do exploratory research into customer demographics, marketing strategies, and determine whether such software can function as a product complement or substitute to human financial audits. We performed a competitive landscape analysis using Porter’s 5 Forces, SWOT, and PEST rubrics. Our research focused on a niche market as the target customer segment for the launch of this new product. The report includes marketing recommendations for this market, as well as a business plan to enter the industry. We designed a survey and distributed it to a sample of the niche market community; we then reviewed the results with regards to product need, price sensitivity, and niche market demographics. Our secondary research explained the survey response rate and augmented primary research efforts. The results of this paper will help our client gain a better understanding of the market opportunity in pursuing financial data analytics SaaS, specifically in terms of specialty monitoring.