A Theory on Romantic Love

In coming to understand different theories concerning love, I argue towards an account on a theory of romantic love, to which I advocate five necessary conditions throughout examples portrayed in pop culture and film. First, I argue that romantic love acquires the condition of nurturing the spiritual growth of one's beloved. Second, I adhere towards romantic love being associated with the characteristic of a robust concern for one's beloved's own sake. Third, a sexual desire for one another is necessary within a loving relationship, this is understood throughout a Platonic theory of eros love. Fourth, I argue that trust is essential and necessary throughout a loving relationship; and last, I argue for the importance of one unified narrative that establishes a union between lovers. In sum, I argued that each of these conditions are mutually interdependent of one another. Insomuch as, these five conditions are necessary and jointly sufficient of one another in order for a relationship to be labeled as loving.


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