Buck Naked, Gunslinger

Kansas, 1875, bounty hunter Buck Naked takes to the trail on his beloved horse, Buttercup. His destination is Trails End, a small town known best for The Broken Horse Shoe Saloon, owned by three of the most beautiful, randy, girls the old west has ever seen. On the way Buck is bushwhacked by El Flamingo, a particularly vicious rival in the man hunting business. Buck loses everything; horse, guns, even his clothes in the attack. The conflict escalates when Buck learns that El Flamingo has plans to cheat the girls out of the saloon and turn it into a fern bar. Doc Johnson, physician and part time bounty hunter, turns up dead but leaves a cryptic clue. Buck learns that some of the baddest outlaws in the west have banded together to hunt all bounty hunters and the death toll is raising. When the outlaws kidnap one of the girls, Buck and El Flamingo put their differences aside to fight this new menace. The Girls lend a hand in a climactic battle where they bring forth a devastating war machine, the R.F.R.B.C... Low on ammo, Buck risks it all in a desperate attempt to end the conflict once and for all. Our hero saves the day and wins the girl, his horse, and even his clothes.