Masters Thesis

The Impact of federal reentry funding on state-level variation in reentry success and failure

Successful reentry is essential to our country, as the economic and societal costs of high incarceration and recidivism rates are significant. Though a large body of research examines the topics of recidivism and prisoner reentry, less research focuses on the role of social context in these processes. Indeed, most research focuses on individual programs; this research is among the first to examine the cumulative effects of federal reentry spending on reentry. This research contributes to the literature by examining state-level variation in reentry success. The current study examines the role of state-level structural conditions (like poverty rates and crime) and the role of federal reentry spending on reentry success. Utilizing data from the 2006 Annual Parole Survey, the 2005 American Community Survey, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “UCR Online Data Tool”, and, the results of the current research indicate that states which receive higher level of reentry funding see greater successes in reentry.

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