Latino parent involvement

The purpose of this qualitative study is to analyze the factors which may include, but not limited to, communication between parents and teacher, successful strategies used by teacher's which in essence this can help ways to narrow the achievement gap between Latino students and their peers by involving families in a school district in Southern California. The research participants of this study were parents and teachers of two separate schools in Southern California. The fmdings will indicate three themes: successful programs in schools; parent and teacher communication; and parent school involvement. This research includes successful programs, teachers learning about cultures and communities, teacher and parent barriers, and positive outcomes when implementing successful strategies and programs. The results of this research will determine if this Southern California school district is implementing the research that had found that partnerships between schools, parents and communities are important to help close the achievement gap between Latino students and their peers. I will be able to validate that involving family will help students succeed in school and this active involvement will be a step closer to narrowing the achievement gap. KEYWORDS: communication, improve academic success, Latino parent involvement, parents and teachers working as partners, support programs.