Graduate Project

Needs Assessment: An Evaluation of the Adelante Mujer Latina Conference

This study was to provide Adelante Youth Alliance (AYA) with an evaluation of their college and career conference, Adelante Mujer Latina (AML). The study had two major purposes: (1) to determine if the AML conference increases college and career awareness and aspirations among Latinas and (2) to determine if role models directly influence Latina youth’s desire to go to college. This was determined through pre and post conference surveys, asking participants their likelihood to graduate from high school, attend college, and enroll in college-prep courses. The results of this study would help identify current college and career needs of students, identify persisting gaps in unmet college and career needs, and identify strategies to improve the conference for future participants. The study was conducted on May 14, 2016, at the Adelante Mujer Latina Conference in Pasadena City College. Data for this study was collected from conference participants through pre and post conference surveys. Only students with approved assent and consent forms were allowed to participate. The sample size for this study were 250 young females, predominantly middle school students, ages 11-13. The results of the data support the view that college and career outreach conferences and role models increase the academic awareness and aspirations of minority Latina students. A Latina role model’s encouragement was a stronger influence for high school students to attend college, while family illness was a moderate influence for middle school students’ decision to attend college. Recommendations to improve the AML conference included modifications to the structure of program workshops, tracking past participants, and moving towards a program that balance the needs of both middle and high school students.