Masters Thesis

Web-based curriculum for an introductory automotive technology course at the community college level

Automotive technology is a subject that encompasses eight different educational areas. Many students interested in automotive have no prior background when it comes to the subject, and they need foundational knowledge in order to ensure success in the program. This project includes the entire curriculum, developed for an introductory automotive technology course intended for the community college level. The course will provide a solid foundation into all areas of the trade. A quantitative survey was utilized in order to gain insight as to what topics should be covered during the course. This curriculum is designed as a hybrid, targeting students who live too far to attend class in person regularly, those who cannot normally attend classes due to their work schedule, and also traditional students. It will include a combination of in-class and web-based labs and instruction. Students will be assessed on both the classroom and lab activities, although they will only receive one grade for the course. Specific tasks will be taught in accordance with National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF).