The effect of additional silent reading time on overall reading comprehension

The purpose of this study was to examine how giving students additional silent reading time during class impacted their overall reading comprehension scores. Reading is a part of all language arts classrooms, but the amount of reading students actually do and the strategies teachers use to improve reading comprehension vary widely. This study used a convenience sample that consisted of two similar 7th grade English Language Arts classrooms, both taught by the same teacher. One class was the treatment group and received the treatment of extra silent reading time each week, while the control class did not. All other curriculum remained the same. A quantitative analysis was used to gather data from the treatment group and control group through a pre-test, post-test, and follow-up test. The comprehension scores of the two groups were compared overall, and were broken down by gender student achievement levels. Results showed no improvement for either group on the post-test, but there was significant improvement for the treatment group on the follow-up test. There were no significant differences between genders or high and low achieving students.