Flora and Fauna forms

Introduction: This collection illustrates the result of more than two years of experimentation in sculpture with materials and techniques that I have never used before. Prior to my arrival in the USA in 1968, I had been involved with traditional materials such as stone, clay, and plaster. In Czechoslovakia, bronze was not available, except for state commissions. Instead, we used an alloy of tin and lead. Clay bodies were also limited in variety, unlike in this country where there is nearly an endless choice. When I began my studies in California State University, Northridge, I became interested in the quality of polyester casting resin, a fragile, transparent, stone-like material which reveals its full beauty after extensive finishing and polishing. The techniques of finishing that I employed in bronze and stone, namely continuing to work on the bronze after casting, added a new enhanced direct touch to the effect of the piece. The material itself influenced the form, and revealed its essential beautiful calming experience as manifest through these sculptures. (See more in text.)