Masters Thesis

A Project plan for the Bakersfield Police Department report review process

Law enforcement agencies are encountering dire financial constraints as the depressed economy continues to exist. These agencies are working with significantly reduced staffing levels with no immediately relief anticipated. The current circumstances have created a need for revisions to existing procedures in order to increase efficiencies. This program proposal study is designed to evaluate how law enforcement agencies can increase the amount of time that a law enforcement supervisor can have available to devote to in-field supervision and to create a formalized process to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in the process. The research also seeks to determine what unintended consequences might develop from a modified review and approval process, to provide recommendations for administrators to consider, and make recommendations on remedial options for non-reviewed reports should the investigation require such action. The knowledge gained from this study will help law enforcement administrators provide alternatives to workload adjustments during recessed economies and limited staffing levels when encountered in future similar situations.

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