Overcoming barriers: a writing workshop aimed to reduce stress for first-generation college students

The project, Overcoming Barriers: Taking your Pen to Write for Wellness, was created to help first-generation college students attending California State University, Stanislaus to achieve wellness and mindfulness. The writing workshop achieved this by providing a space for first-generation college student to social network, express complex emotions and find relief. In collaboration with PEER Project, the workshop was able to incorporate creative writing and mindfulness as methods aimed to reduce stress and promote personal growth, and psychological and physical wellbeing. The PEER Project is a campus-based program on CSU, Stanislaus that promotes mental health awareness, decreases stigma and prevents student suicide. A literature review and previous implementation of writing workshops guided the development of this writing workshop. With the integration of all these elements in the workshop, they may affect the student’s overall wellbeing along with academic success.