The first teachers--parents : a handbook for parents on home-tutoring methods and materials for middle school age remedial readers

Parents, this handbook is written to supply answers to your question “how can I help my child?” When your son or daughter was identified as a disabled reader, you undoubtedly had many questions as to what this meant for your child and for you as a parent. The school specialist will have many of the answers. Yet remedial instruction requires many hours of individual attention which is not always available at school, and you can play a vital part in the remedial instruction. This handbook offers an alternative to the frustration many parents feel from knowing their child needs extra help. The alternative is you--the first teacher your child had. The guidelines and lessons in this book will prepare you to help your child improve in reading. Read the section “A Message for the Parent-Tutor.” I have reviewed concepts of developing self-esteem, ways of learning and levels of thinking. As a teacher and a parent, I have grown to appreciate the importance of these concepts. The next chapter offers information on the theories and tested practices upon which this handbook is based. The concepts in this book are supported by established experts in the field of reading instruction. The lessons are designed with careful analysis of results in many parent-tutor experiments. I have defined what the label "disabled reader" most often implies. Reading has many components, and I have identified major skill areas that are involved in a reading disability. (See more in text.)