A content analysis of student, parent and teacher surveys and interviews to determine behavior support perceptions and needs for middle level students

Through a review of literature describing previous studies and research, along with an examination of surveys and interviews, this project resulted in the information necessary for a written guide of behavioral interventions. This project examined middle-level teacher, parent, and student perceptions regarding which behavioral supports are effective and which supports are needed to enable students eligible for special education, particularly students with identified Learning Disabilities and/or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, to succeed in general education classrooms. The recommendations for the content of the teacher manual took a number of factors into account including which behaviors are most frequently exhibited among students with ADHD and learning disabilities, which interventions have proven to be most effective for the given population of students, and which interventions fit the needs of teachers so that they may be used efficiently and effectively within the classroom. Key themes and topics emerged from the data collected. These themes helped create the information which could be used to create a behavioral intervention manual. Key Words: Behavior supports, teacher handbook, students with behavior challenges, students eligible for special education, Behavior intervention, students with disabilities, middle-level, teacher guide for behavior supports