Oral Testimonies of Mexican Workers Who Organized the Sonoma County Industrial Union: Que es un Boton?

Purpose of Study: To document the struggle that Mexican workers from Calliope Designs and Point St. George Fisheries launched in 1988, to obtain union representation. Procedure: Oral interviews were conducted with workers of both plants, union organizers, and community members to document the formation of Sonoma County Industrial Union. Findings: Workers from Calliope Designs and Point St. George Fisheries obtained union representation. Calliope Designs workers went on a strike that failed to win a contract, and Point St. George Fisheries' workers signed a contract in 1991. The Sonoma County Industrial Union had a brief but vibrant existence. It ceased to exist in 1993. Conclusions: The organizing efforts of these Mexican workers appeared to have a social and political rippling influences on issues affecting Mexicans in Sonoma County.