Masters Thesis

Utilizing electronic soldering techniques to improve the quality of hermetic seals in CRT devices

This thesis utilizes a novel approach to root cause analysis by conglomerating principles from three established quality models into a modified model that fits the unique circumstances of the study. The study investigates a problem of indium, used to create hermetic seals in image intensifier tubes, spattering during reflow. This causes a dark spot blemish in the field of view. Analog image intensifiers use an old technology to detect and intensify light that is out of the detection wavelength of humans. Though considered obsolete technology, a need for analog image intensifiers comes from the medical, cosmic, law enforcement, and military industries. Due to the combination of obsolete technology and Department of Defense classifications, little literature is available on the specifics of image intensifiers. This deficiency leads to a need to modify established root cause analysis and process improvement techniques to accommodate the unique nature of this study.