Teacher attitudes toward, and uses of the filmstrip medium

There are many indications that the filmstrip is a widely accepted and used educational tool. In order to investigate whether or not this is indeed a fact, a survey questionnaire for teachers of kindergarten, grades one and two was developed. Eight elementary schools were selected as part of a stratified sampling based upon socio-economic status. Fifty-five completed questionnaires were returned and processed. Questionnaire items were designed to investigate teachers' use of filmstrips, obstacles to that use, and ways in which greater use might be encouraged. Important findings were that most teachers use filmstrips infrequently, less than several times monthly, even though most said they were "much" or "strongly" in favor of, and have received training in filmstrip use. Teachers indicated a need for more filmstrips with concept-match to their teaching objectives and, also for cross-indexed listings of filmstrips by concepts presented. The need for greater accessibility of filmstrip equipment and for larger filmstrip libraries were stressed. In studying types of classroom organizations in which filmstrips were used it was shown, somewhat surprisingly, that teachers in ECE schools used centers organization with filmstrips less than did non-ECE teachers. Recommendations were made for providing teachers with assistance in finding filmstrips with concept-match to their teaching objectives by providing them with comprehensive cross-indexed listings by subject matter, age/grade level, and major concepts presented. It was also suggested that teachers might further be encouraged to use presently available filmstrips more extensively through planned opportunity for observation and demonstrations of filmstrip use.